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[Solved] AUN M18UP android 6.0 Stock Firmware  

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This is the AUN M18UP android 6.0 stock firmware which comes pre-installed. Customer are requested to reflash the system if the projector have any software issue. 

Do not try to flash this firmware if your projector has different android version, flashing unauthorized firmware simply brick your device.

Follow the below procedure to update AUN M18UP

  1. Download the zip file and unzip it on your computer
  2. Put file named "mainz.bin" and "logo.jpg" together into your Fat32 formatted empty U-disk. Please do not change file name.
  3. Please insert U-disk into projector
  4. Please plug-in the projector with power cable
  5. Please long press power button of the projector until the light of power button start flashing
  6. You'll see the update screen
  7. Then it will show 100% updated and turn off automatically
  8. Then turn the projector on. (the process will take longer, please wait with patience)

Posted : 20/08/2020 6:13 pm
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