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One of the most sought after radio shows in Netherlands is Radio Luisteren. It is a high quality music show that has been going for more than 15 years now. Among its long list of award winning programs are 'Hollande Confidential', 'The Best of Radio 1' and 'The Best of Radio 2'. And this year it will be celebrating its 15th year.


Radio Luisteren via e-app is one of the biggest hits in the Netherlands, especially among the youth. In just over a week, this famous radio show will be ending its long awaited 3rd season. With the special format and well organized program, the audience will surely be mesmerized by this talk show. The main host is Maarten van der Steen while his guests include musicians from the Amsterdam Red Light District and Van Gogh Museum. Among the musical artists that will be performing are Afriyie Buitens, Filip Echenaire, Paul Bongiovi and Maarten van der Steen. The great thing about this radio show is that the hosts are very open to questions from the audience and they give sincere answers to any listener's question.


As for the content of Radio Luisteren, it starts with an introduction where the program director gives brief information about the name of the show and then goes into the content. The program then goes into its topics such as music, interviews, news, sports and culture. The first topics that come to our mind when we hear radio is sports where the show provides an update on the big tournaments being held in different parts of the country. In this category, the most popular one is 'The Best of Euro soccer' and 'The Best of Dutch football'. They also highlight the local sports with songs focusing on these events.


Music is also one of the most popular radio programs of Radio Luisteren via internet naar een. Most of the shows feature artists from the music genres mentioned above as well as new artists who become popular through time. Some of the most popular artist are Royal Gramma, Alzado and Eddy Lowe among many others. As for the news, the most popular categories include finance and business, environment, politics, health, education, crime and health among many others. Eddy Lowe shares some interesting facts about his life and then goes into talking about how he became a DJ in the first place.


Sportbeneze is another interesting category which goes into sports, especially football. It features various games that are played in different parts of the world. One of the most popular games is the Euro soccer tournament. Radio luisteren via internet has interviewed several players who have been part of the tournament such as Arsenal's Jack Wilshere and Chelsea's John Terry. They talk about their experiences and how the whole thing started.


The show ends with Zwartshoek - a great song that features Wiles playing a guitar. Radio luisteren via internet is an interesting program that is worth checking out if you happen to like international music. You can also get to know more about the other radio shows that the station features, as they are listed on their website. You will find information about all the shows and some of the radio stations that this show is associated with including Amsterdam, Nijmegen, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, Los Angeles, San Diego, Seattle, Tokyo, Sydney and Washington D.C.

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