AUN W18D Android 6.0 Firmware

AUN W18D Android 6.0 Firmware
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  • Create Date January 26, 2021
1. Download all files and folders in the folder according to the corresponding date
(Including MstarUpgrade.bin and and lzn_dir folders etc...)
2. Put the downloaded files and folders in the first step into the root directory of the U disk
(Note: Please use a genuine U disk, the U disk needs to be formatted as FAT32, low-end inferior U disk may cause the upgrade to fail)
3. Insert the U disk with the copied software into the USB port of the projector
4. Plug in the projector's power supply, and when the projector indicator is on, press and hold the power button on the projector.
5. A blue progress bar interface appears on the projector, wait until the progress bar runs to a black screen and then press the power button again.
Then just wait for about 5 minutes, the projector will enter the main interface after the automatic optimization system is completed, and the upgrade is complete when it is operable!
6. (Manually connect to the wifi network at home)
When the projector is turned on and connected to the Internet, it will automatically run the script file when the U disk is inserted. The projector is completed without an exclamation mark in the upper right corner.
(Do not cut off the power in the middle, and the power failure may cause subsequent failure to upgrade. If the power is off in the middle, you can repeat the above steps to try to upgrade to see if it can be upgraded)

If "Android" only upgrades the boot logo, you only need to insert the USB flash drive with the software when the projector is on, and the main interface prompts that the boot logo has been replaced directly at the bottom of the main interface, which means that the boot logo has been successfully upgraded!

Upgrade method for standard and same-screen models:
Simply copy ZMERGE.bin to the root directory of the USB flash drive, insert the USB flash drive into the USB interface next to the HDMI interface when the projector is not turned on, and then turn on the opportunity to automatically upgrade and restart, enter the main interface and manually restore the factory Just set it up!